Newsletter Design (Mailchimp): £ 249

In today’s fashion industry, self-promotion is fundamental for connecting your brand with your audience, and a newsletter is one of the most personal and effective tools. A well-designed newsletter will elevate your brand’s visual identity and increase the brand loyalty of your audience.

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What’s included:

  • The design of a newsletter template based on an actual topic or promotion
  • We set up a Mailchimp user profile for you

Things to know:

  • One round of amends is included in the price, additional amendments will be charged at £99 per hour. 


What’s included:What we need from you:

  • Details of the topic you want to cover or collection you want to promote
  • Your website URL
  • Any additional information you’d like to include
  • Any brand guidelines you have
  • Image and a logo to include
  • A short brand overview