Affordable Design Services for Start-Ups

We are passionate about supporting emerging conscious fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands with our expertise, and we offer special services and rates for your fashion start-up:



Design Consultancy: £ 99

Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion. Whether you need some guidance with imagery or fonts, want advice on improving your website, newsletter or branding material or aren’t sure how to get your Instagram account up to scratch – we’re here to help and to steer you in the right direction.

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Newsletter Design (Mailchimp): £ 249

In today’s fashion industry, self-promotion is fundamental for connecting your brand with your audience, and a newsletter is one of the most personal and effective tools. A well-designed newsletter will elevate your brand’s visual identity and increase the brand loyalty of your audience.

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Website Design (Squarespace): from £ 890–£ 1190

A well-designed and multi-functional website is key for driving the success of your brand. We create your all-in-one platform that gives you everything you need to run your business, and you can choose to include a blog, a shop and a newsletter sign-up, and connect it to all your social media channels. 

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Website Landing Page (Squarespace): £ 249

A well-designed landing page is a significant first step to mark your brand’s existence, and a landing page is great for: Announcing a product release, advertising an event and collecting email addresses, displaying a slideshow or video, showing a “Coming Soon” page while a larger site is in progress.

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